Torrox is full of fascinating history that has been traced back to Roman settlers right here on the coast! Once thought to be called Caviclum, this ancient town had agricultural, fishing, manufacturing and farming interests and discovered artifacts have been found locally dating from 1st -4th century.

The historic lighthouse in Torrox was built on the archaeological site, where a Roman villa and cooking facilities can still be observed. Entrance through the lighthouse gates lead you to an interesting museum that also showcases more relics that were found on the spot and additional models and drawings help recreate how certain foods were stored and carefully prepared in the past for the townspeople. Adjacent to the lighthouse and north towards the end of the nearby narrow streets, Roman baths have been excavated and can also be viewed.

Torrox Costa

The region of Torrox itself is divided into 4 main sections: Torrox Pueblo is around 4 km inland and is an attractive white washed village where many locals live and tourists love to visit. Torrox Campo or countryside is home to a variety of residents and has many working farm houses situated here as well as holiday accommodation.

Torrox countryside can be seen east, west and north up from of the village and leads to many natural protected parks and continues all the way to the majestic mountains that dominate the scenic views.

Torrox Costa on the other hand is located on the seafront as its translated name suggests. The costa is a natural target for holiday makers and Torrox has some beautiful beaches on offer. Finally,

Torrox Park is a housing section that lies in between Torrox village and the coast. Torrox is located in close proximity to Nerja’s seaside town and is growing in popularity thanks to especially British, German and Dutch tourists and those with holiday homes.

Torrox Pueblo & Torrox plaza
The pueblo has for decades been the place to meet and sip wine and enjoy tapas or coffee with amigos. Still today, Torrox square or plaza is busy with tourists and locals socializing & unwinding in the morning sunshine. Just like stepping back in time, older gentleman gather to enjoy dominos and older women sit and casually discuss the current village topics. The orange trees in the plaza provide welcomed shade to the ‘socially famished’ locals who tend to stay and linger all morning rather than leaving the square.

Torrox Costa
Torrox Costa has the best climate in all of Europe thanks to warm air from African and the Sierra Tejada and Sierra Almijara Mountains that keep northerly cold fronts away from the coast. Not as built up as many of the other Costa del Sol resorts, Torrox Costa is a modern hamlet where many Spanish nationals have second homes. Definitely not a package holiday destination Torrox Costa can be described as being more refined yet at the same time laid back in its approach to tourism.

Most of the activity in Torrox Costa can be found along the Paseo Maritimo, along seafront promenade full of shops, restaurants and bars. Torrox Costa also has several big name supermarkets and a couple of lesser known that specialize in Dutch and German food.

When it comes to food and eating out Torrox Costa has something for every taste. Being on the coast restaurants specializing in fish are everywhere. The best restaurants on Torrox Costa promenade include La Farola, El Desvan de Tete, El Figon, Chiringuito Rincon de Pepe, Entre Vientos, Carpe Diem and Craigs Steak and Schlemmertreff. The competition for business is fierce, which means that only the best restaurants in Torrox, like the ones above survive.

If you like a curry you have three to choose from the Madras Curry House, Taj Mahal and Buddha House who also serve Nepalese food. Chinese restaurants are popular too with Hong Kong and Jings getting the highest ratings on Trip Advisor. For more dining choices the nearby town of Nerja has several top notch eating options.

Things to do in Torrox
Being a seaside resort most of the action in Torrox Costa centres on its long sandy beach where you can hire a sun bed to catch some rays or for the more adventurous, learn to windsurf or rent a sea kayak to explore the cliffs and hidden coves.

Torrox Costa is probably the best place to learn to scuba dive on the entire Costa del Sol and is the reason why Black Frog Divers picked the town for their business. Nearby is a protected Marine Reserve where fishing is banned making it an excellent place for scuba diving.

Built in 1864 on the remains of a castle destroyed by Napoleon´s forces in the early nineteenth century, the Torrox Lighthouse and free museum is well worth a visit as are the adjacent Roman ruins recognised as being one of the most important ancient sites in the province.

Whether you come to Torrox Costa for its incredible weather, long sandy beach, or as a base to explore the region, we guarantee that you will not only have a good time, but will be already planning your next holiday to this unspoilt part of the Costa del Sol.

Torrox Campo / countryside
Birdwatching in Torrox and Nerja can be quite fruitful for the local birdwatchers and visiting twitchers. There are a few varieties of eagle that can be spotted in the region. You may be fortunate enough to observe a pair of Short-toed Eagles circling above and more common Booted Eagles are regular visitors. The Golden eagle is a delight to see and don’t underestimate the enjoyable glimpse of the buzzard, common kestrel and not so common here, the Griffon vulture.

For those of us that love nature, there are many roads just off the main Torrox to Nerja road that take you straight into the tip of the foothill of the mountains. One such road is found at Torrox’s Calaceite and it heads north up a steep hill. Almost immediately you will see a myriad of wild flowers during the Spring time and a huge variety of birds. Here you’ll get the opportunity to see the colourful Hoopoes, red faced Gold finch, Tawny Pipit, Woodchat shrike, Iberian Shrike and so many more. Bee-eaters are a treasure to spot with there iridescent jade chests and deep orange heads.

There are so many fruit and nut trees in the region, not to mention groves of vegetation that all attract wildlife. In one day’s short walk, you may be able to spot almonds, walnuts, pomegranates, avocado, figs and even bananas all growing around you. More common sights are oranges, lemons, peppercorn, olives and grapevines.

Where to stay in Torrox Ideally located in between Torrox Costa and Nerja is the delightful Torrox Casa Luthel. This bed and breakfast style accommodation offers a choice of spacious ensuite rooms to suit all guests. Staying in or around Nerja may not be suitable for all budgets however this guest house will be a provide a good base for those wanting to visit Nerja, Maro, Torrox and Malaga.

Weather in Torrox
Winters in Torrox are delightfully mild. The temperature throughout the winter months are usually between 16C to 21C in Decmber. Sometimes a breeze can make it feel much cooler, but compared with temperatures around zero in Northern Europe, it seems an unfair comparison. Overnight it can be 13C to 16C during the month but will drop in January.

Cafe and restaurants in Torrox Pueblo
There is a good selection of cafes in the plaza for lunch and evening meals. Also tapas are served night and day for cold and warm snacks. Gluten free food is available but checking with the restaurant owner is recommended.

Cashpoints in Torrox Pueblo
There are at least three banks and atm cashpoints for cash withdrawal in Torrox pueblo. Cajamar Caja Rural Bank
Plaza Constitución, 15 Torrox Pueblo Square,
Telephone number +34 952 53 81 14

Banco Popular Bank
Plaza Constitución, Torrox Pueblo Square, Telephone number +34 952 53 81 31

Calle Almedina, 15 On the main road through Torrox village.
Telephone number· +34 951 28 10 50

Doctors in Torrox and Ambulatorio / Torrox Health Centre
The Torrox ambulatorio, health centre and doctors is located here in the pueblo. The address of the ambulatorio is Centro de Salud de Torrox, Centro de Salud, C/ CALZADA, S/N, Torrox, Malaga,


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